Proposal of a Game Application

The team consists of me, Andreas Sukardi Teja, Jeremy Ponto and Kevin Liem. We’ll be making an educational side-scrolling game where we follow two characters as they explain what to do and what not to do during this COVID-19 situation. The game will include various mini-games on the journey of two characters including but not limited to quick-time events to cover while coughing or sneezing and avoiding contact with other NPCs.

As mentioned above, there would be two playable characters. One said character would be a sick and indoors person who would showcase various things that people like them should do through mini-games such as button-mashing while the in-game character cleans and disinfects various furniture in their house as well as giving basic explanations of the virus itself in an easy-to-understand manner.

After that section finishes however, the player would then transition into another character who would be a healthy and outdoors person, who would then showcase various things that they should do similar to the character mentioned above where they convey this information through textboxes and then put them into practice in the form of mini-games such as avoiding contact with other strangers while the very same thing is being reflected in the game world as the player would have to navigate around NPCs to avoid receiving either damage or score reduction as well as another mini-game about the importance of washing your hands for 20-30 seconds despite it being boring.

We also plan to add Easter Eggs here and there perhaps in the form of edited brand names such as McDonald’s into McMickey’s (Disney joke), animals dropping fun facts avoid the virus itself by actually speaking, conversations by the NPCs either about their own lives or about the COVID-19 virus to make the world feel alive instead of simply a level to traverse as well as to prevent it to be too boring.

Furthermore, we also plan to have at least one cameo and three name mentions in the game. The cameo being Bina Nusantara University in FX as the second character would be on a journey there for class only to be informed by a security guard that all classes are now online due to the recent virus outbreak while asking the player if they did not read the email that the university sent in regards to this as well as mentions of Harvard Medical School and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to both give them credit for the information provided in the game as well as to increase the credibility of the information in our game being conveyed to the players.

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